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The Garden
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On an old country estate in Derbyshire

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The Garden

The Garden is a centre for counselling and personal development combined with an organic garden growing herbs, fruit and vegetables. It's a place for people to connect with the land in practical, creative, soulful and personal ways.

One to one counselling is available and there is also specialised support for women, performers and musicians and those affected by concerns about the climate crisis. 

The Garden is situated in the peaceful setting of Meynell Langley Estate, an old country estate and organic farm in Derbyshire.


Individual Counselling

A chance to speak one to one about anything which concerns you. Sarah is a BACP accredited counsellor with over 25 years experience. She offers individual counselling either sitting together in one of the indoor counselling spaces or outdoors  walking in the fields or woods of the Meynell Langley Estate.

Sarah works using an integrative approach and has a conversational style. Counselling can be short or long term depending on what you need. Sarah also offers creative ways of exploring feelings and addressing difficulties such as art, movement and ecotherapy. She works to the BACP Ethical Framework and is fully insured.

Please get in touch to enquire about counselling and Sarah can give you further information about this service.

 Appointments also available on Zoom or by phone.

'Time for Me' workshops for mature women.

'Time for Me' is a series of workshops for women in their 40s, 50s and 60s. It's a series of structured workshops created in response to the needs of the group. A chance to talk about the things that matter to you as a woman in a small supportive group. We will discuss how we experience our lives, explore changes we are experiencing in our personal, family and working lives and how we can build on our strengths and make connections.

Workshops are currently on Tuesdays.

What women say about the workshops:
'I cherish the opportunity I had to be among a group of like-minded women with whom I could be myself.'
'A great way to get some good healthy connections.'
'I appreciate your gentleness, leading and opening the conversation.'
'Able to learn and relax but also invigorating'
'The workshops are meaningful and reflective and I love where it's held.'
'I feel supported.'

Individual support for women

Sarah can offer one to one support to help you to navigate different stages in life. If you would like support to explore your menstrual cycle, menopause, gender, sexuality or issues relating to pregnancy, childbirth or parenting please get in touch to discuss whether the support she can provide is suitable for you. Sarah also offers support for women who have experienced domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Appointments also available on Zoom..

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